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Your partner to sell and manage your products into the bigest E-commerce Marketplaces in USA and Brazil.

" We provide intelligence and specialized services to develop and maximize your E-commerce sales  across United States and Brazil. You don´t have to worry about manage all marketplaces plataforms, we manage the end-to-end proces, you just have to send your producs to us"

Alvaro Nicoletti

Modern Architecture


Connecting manufactures to online sales environment. Providing intelligence and specialized services to develop and maximize your online sales channel across United States and Brazil, through the largest online marketplace platforms.

Business History

Our Experiences



Nicco Warehouse USA was created and started activities selling on Amazon and Ebay.



Ebay Best Seller recognition and start approved to use the FBA Amazon program. (Fulffilment by Amazom)


New Marketplaces

Started selling in Walmart and Sears Marketplaces.


Brazil Marketplace

Started Brazil operation selling in Mercado Livre, Magalu, Ponto Frio , Casa Bahia and Extra Marketplaces.

Business Profile

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Houston, TX 77584, USA

Vinhedo, SP 13287072, Brazil

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